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Nuku Nuku Project is a something we started for an aspiring group of musicians from various bands to improve by playing together, for each others benefit. Together, with many friends and companions we can enjoy music; performing, acting stupid and having a laugh. The idea was to create a fun project to last a lifetime.

Nori's Message

Nori Hey everyone! It's Nori from Nuku Nuku Project. We are always thankful for people coming to watch our videos. Thanks guys!
Basically our loose plan for the project is this: We might make jokes suitable to the musical performance, but we also try to perform seriously sometimes. At that time, the music has nothing to do with the video, I think. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy. If the timing is right we'll gather friends now and then and they'll join us in the videos.
Maybe we can't update on a regular schedule, but we will try to upload a video and update the site as much as we can! If a lot of people can enjoy this project, then that will make us all really happy. Through our project I look forward to meeting many new people. Let's have fun together! Please stick around.

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Matt Matt
This is me without a mask on This is me with a mask on. Much better!

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Matt's message

Like many people I watched videos of bands I liked on YouTube, and so I watched Nori's group because I found their cover of K-On songs (I've never really watched the animation but some of the music is amazing). I thought they did a fantastic job and so when I found Nori's twitter, I sent him a message. He always replied as our conversation grew and soon we were emailing each other. He's a real personable guy.

More importantly for all you newbies, I should tell you that the whole group is a lot of fun. When I think about it, they have everything. They play great, original songs and plenty of cool covers, real rocks songs, there's a real performance and there's always some weird tengu or .... creature on bass, look out for him. And now, they've joined forces with a bunch of other musicians to bring you the Nuku Nuku Project! But I don't really need to say anything, just watch their videos and I'm sure you'll want to support them like I do.

Matthew Rowe, author, blogger and English teacher